Simple. Pleasant. Relaxed.

Once entered one may sit, lie down, and relax in the Sunball. From outside, its design and value can be fully appreciated. Allow it to turn your head!

Chase the sun! The orb which is located on top of a root rounding can be rotated by 360 degrees. Due to two flexible shells the shadowing is fixable in any kind of direction.

  • Shells

    For opening, closing, and adjusting shadowing.

  • Root rounding

    For the rotation by 360 degrees.

  • Centers of rotation

    An integrated spring system supports the movement.

  • Headrest

    Serves as headrest and to adjust the backrest.

  • Lying surface

    Turns forward to enable access to the storage compartment. The backrest is flexible due to the retraction of the headrest.

  • Versatile prop

    Serves as backrest for a settee when retracted and serves as footrest for the lounger when folded out.

  • Grasp

    For adjusting the shells while seated inside.

  • Clamping lever

    For fixating the upper scales smoothly.

  • Tables

    Position them due to extending and retracting.


Just like the Sunball is manufactured personally for you, we will accompany you on our shared journey.

Whether it is configuration, logistical issues, or the positioning of the Sunball to the place you desire most – we are there for you!

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