In 1968 everything seemed possible – lunar landing, prosperity, individual freedom.

The perfect time for chinaware manufacturer Philip Rosenthal, who subsequently became a renowned professor for design, to commission sculptor Günter Ferdinand Ris and architect Herbert Selldorf to conceive the first blueprint of the Sunball.

The Sunball is shaped like an orb. Ingeniously simple, nevertheless sophisticated.

Due to its magnificent resilience it is capable of withstanding any kind of weather phenomenon. When shut, it repels the elements - when opened, it embraces them.

Everything in between depends on individual preferences.

I personally did not invent nor conceive anything. All I did was to find people and make them converge.

Philipp Rosethal


Herbert Selldorf

*1929 - †2012


Günther Ferdinand Ris

*1928 - †2005


Just like the Sunball is manufactured personally for you, we will accompany you on our shared journey.

Whether it is configuration, logistical issues, or the positioning of the Sunball to the place you desire most – we are there for you!

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