At the age of 5 Olaf Bollmann discovered a huge yellow orb at a yard as he was taking a walk among his parents.

Closed up it appeared as it would have descended from another star. The object he noticed was Rosenthal’s Sunball.

Decades later he managed to acquire one of those precious rarities himself and deductively secured exclusive rights to the Sunball. Ever since, he was inspirited to remodel the outstanding orb.

With the assistance of Mr. Selldorf and the Ris’, Ilka and Olaf Bollmann’s idea turned into a concept.

Meanwhile their dream turned into reality and the Sunball is back on the market, ready to delight. Today the allinspiring Sunball is still situated in the mentioned yawn where Olaf first discovered it.


Just like the Sunball is manufactured personally for you, we will accompany you on our shared journey.

Whether it is configuration, logistical issues, or the positioning of the Sunball to the place you desire most – we are there for you!

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